Drug Uses

Tramadol is a drug used to treat patients facing severe pain. It may also be used to treat surgery pains like cancer or joint pain. Tramadol decreases the amount of response of the brain to the pain sensors. The signal size is reduced from one nerve to the other. Doctors may also prescribe it for some other uses too.

How Taken

Tramadol is to be taken orally. It is taken as needed every 4 to 6 hours. You can take it with or without food. The prescription label is to be read very carefully. Tramadol is habit-forming so taking more than the prescribed dose is not very good for your health. And continuing it after the prescribed period should also be avoided.


Tramadol should not be taken before the conformity of some points. Firstly tell your doctor if you face any liver disease or if you use alcohol or any other drugs. Always inform your doctor if you are pregnant and if you are breast-feeding. This is because it is not known that if Tramadol passes into breast milk or affects pregnancy. Tramadol has side affects on people crossing the age of 75 years. Along with that the lower bracket is of 16 years which means that Tramadol is not to be used by children of 16 years or less.

Missed Dose

If you miss some dose then take it as soon as possible. But if your missed dose nears the next dose then cancel the missed dose and continue the routine dose.


Keep Tramadol in a tight container. Try storing the medicine in temperature 25o C.  Keep it away from heat and moisture.


When you take more then the prescribed amount of Tramadol calls your doctor immediately and seeks medical assistance. If you face berating difficulties then call your doctor as they are the symptoms of a Tramadol overdose.